Are You Ready To Get Inked? Know This Before You Step-In!

For the fashion savvy people, tattooing seems to be an exciting option. But are you really ready to have one? If not sure, you must check on the essential points listed below. Looking forward to a change in your appearance? Or simply stating, interested in body modification?

Know This Before You Step-In! :

Certainly, you tattooing would appear to be the best answer. While both men and women love to get inked, when it comes to latter gender, around 50% of them (under 35) seems to be more in love with tattoos.

But just for the reason that everyone around seems to be tattooed, doesn’t make it a reason to consider a tattoo. You need to dig in more to find out the answer to – Should I get inked? 

Though there is no such thing as a perfect time to get a tattoo, yet you have to be pretty sure. Wondering how to know if you are ready to get a new tattoo or not? Here are some essential points you should pay attention to:

    Avoid copying:  Whether it is about an idea to get tattoo or a design, don’t try to copy. You can consult a serious tattoo artist and get recommendations. In case, you find your artist copying it from any other artist, you need to look for another professional. You can freely experiment with you design or let the expert work on the creative part.

    Don’t overpay:  You need not pay a fortune to get a tattoo. Even the best artists will not charge you too much. But that doesn’t mean you need to go inexpensive options only. Don’t go cheap and inexperienced tattoo artist. Yes, keep distance from the celebrity tattoo artist.

    Give directions: Feel free to offer and share your ideas with your professional. He should be able to reproduce your ideas. So before you start give all the specific details for what you want. You need not settle for less. If there is something you don’t like, say it. Never hesitate to ask him to change details.

    Take your time: While it is important to take some time for consideration for every decision, but this becomes crucial in case of tattoos. Please don’t rush things. You might wish to get it done as soon as possible. But later you might have to regret for your decision. Just wait for that exact moment.

    Try to match it: Does the chosen design reflect your style? Will it look good on you? Do ask for a second opinion. And you can even ask a photoshop professional to edit a photo of yours with the same. Just place the tattoo where you want it to be and you will get a better vision.

    Be ready for pain: Yes, getting a tattoo is a painful process. Reason being, the ink is injected into your dermis with the help of a needle. It will be inserted several times during the process and pain can be more than you expected. But that doesn’t make you drop the idea of getting inked. You can make it painless using a topical anesthetic solution. Go for numbing cream like TKTX Numb® which is a lidocaine based product and FDA compliant.

    It is now readily available in leading pharmacy stores. You can also buy it online. Being highly effective, this numbing solution consists of 5% lidocaine  and can block the pain signals at the nerve endings. On application this would be make your skin numb for about three to four hours. This means you can now have a painless tattooing done.

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