Step By Step Working Of TKTX Numb


You have decided to go ahead with the body modification but worried about the pain accompanied with the procedure. You may have also found the solution to get relief from pain in form of TKTX Numb® . But you may wish to know the proper working of TKTX Numb®.

The article shares the step-by-step working of TKTX Numb®. Read the article and feel the process. Once you are done with article, you won’t be nervous anymore for your upcoming body modification process.

What happens just after the application process of TKTX Numb®?

In TKTX Numb® resides an ingredient called Lidocaine which produces anesthesia by inhibiting/ blocking conduction in the peripheral nerves to prevent pain signal propagation. The following takes place after applying TKTX Numb®:

Sr. No.




15-20 minutes

The onset of numbness begins at this point and is starting to spread out in the target area.


45-60 minutes

The numbness has infiltrated the entire target area. The loss of sensation in the superficial layer prevents any feeling of pain or discomfort.


60-90 minutes

The peak of numbing effect. Any pain, itch or discomfort should not be felt because the efficacy is at its highest.


90-120 minutes

The duration of maximum numbing effect is approximately sustained up to this point.


120-180 minutes

The numbing effect will gradually diminish. Re-application is highly recommended for another extended period of time.

Important Facts about Numbing Creams

When used excessively, topical anesthetics can cause severe and irreversible damage to corneal tissues and even loss of the eye.

The main advantage is the comfort that you will experience while having painless procedures. For some, the main disadvantage is the time that it takes for the numbing cream to take effect – usually about an hour for full effect.

Make sure to read the instructions included in your numbing cream before using it. For the common numbing creams, you need to apply an ample amount to the skin area then leave it on for about an hour. Some instructions suggest putting on a plastic wrap around it so make sure to read the instructions carefully on how to apply it properly.

You shall feel cold and numb in the area that you have applied the numbing cream on.

Numb features 5% Lidocaine (the highest amount allowed by the FDA).

Make sure to check the consistency of a numbing cream. Water-based creams go well with tattoo making process as they don’t interact with the ink, unlike greasy creams.

Don’t use numbing cream on the broken skin like wounds and rashes. If you have a skin condition or medical condition, then consult your doctor before using the cream.

You are thoroughly acquainted with TKTX Numb® numbing cream now. So, go ahead with your favorite body modification and ask your artist to numb your affected area with TKTX Numb® before proceeding to next step. Feel the painless journey of body modification with TKTX Numb®.

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