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Turning a visitor into a customer is a tough job. A visitor becomes your regular customer and promoter if you serve him/her with a quality product. When it comes to skin, producer has to be sure that the product out in market is of high quality and effectiveness. But it is never the owner who decides the effectiveness of the product. It is the user who either passes the product or fails it.

The article shares few feedbacks of the users of TKTX Numb®. If you are planning to buy a numbing cream in near future, read the following feedbacks and decide wisely.

Pain-free tattoo experience at stomach

“TKTX Numb® is great! I had a session on my stomach which is very painful area to be tattooed, I put the cream on few hours beforehand, as we got started I couldn't feel anything at all, couldn't believe it!

Some places I could feel the pain, I must have missed some places, once he wiped the excess ink away it kinda wore off a bit. Overall it's a great product I will definitely be using it again!”

The inner secrets of TKTX Numb® positively tested at inner bicep

“Used this for the first time last week on the inner bicep. As my artist was working on the outline I was not feeling a thing. Was very impressed. It didn't last long maybe 45 minutes before I started feeling the full effect of the pain.

I'm thinking maybe I didn't put enough on? Either way I was pleased and will try to put more on when I go back to finish the sleeve.”

Whether the tattoo is on rib or on any other area of skin, TKTX Numb® works well

“Used TKTX Numb® for the first time today on a cover up rib tattoo, it lasted the full 5 hours session and I didn’t feel a thing while she was tattooing. Will be using it again for the touch up, taken away the fear of going to the tattooist.”

No pain, Only gain with TKTX Numb®

“So I'm a skeptic by nature however, before I make an informed opinion I'll usually try something for myself. Well I did just that with this cream. I recently started a tattoo sleeve. I applied the cream exactly how it described and it worked wonders. I felt NO pain at all. It lasted almost 5 hrs before it wore off. So if you're looking to get a tattoo and don't really enjoy the discomfort of the pain I highly recommend using this product. I will definitely be purchasing another tube for my next session!”

Fear of needles gone away with TKTX Numb®

“I absolutely hate needles & blood tests, my sister in law uses this when she gets her tattoos done & suggested I try this, so whenever I have to have that procedure done this is the only cream I ever use, and it’s brilliant! I don't feel a thing! Thank the lord for TKTX Numb®.

Big Tattoos, less pain with TKTX Numb ®

“Ok I'm going to post a genuine review about this. I wasn't sure if it would work so I actually messaged a few people who had reviewed this product both good and bad. I was surprised that quite a few of the bad reviews didn't actually apply it correctly.

I'm in the middle of a piece on my ribs. (Check my Facebook and you'll see I'm not lying).

I applied A thick coating and covered it with cling film. This was 5 hours before my tattoo session.

It worked. It was pain free but I'll stress that like many have said it didn't last as long as I though.

It lasted about an hour but then it eased me into full pain thereafter.

Is it worth it? Well it’s obscenely expensive but if you can't handle the pain in some areas (like me) then yes. This is the first time I've used it though and it's my 7th tattoo. The ribs were to much though.

If you're going to buy it, then do your homework and at least apply it properly.

Also, the area will go red but that's not a problem.

I'll be buying some more for sure.”


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