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The first and the most common image related to tattoo making in our head is the Tattoo Pain which comes along while carving them on your body. That is not the entire truth and one can ink them without having gruesome, unbearable pain. Here we have compiled list of 10 Least Painful Place to get Tattoo with specific parts of a human body where the mighty needles won't tear you the traditional way.

Tattoo Pain Chart

1. Outer Shoulder: Dawning a tattoo over your outer shoulder has been a part of our civilization and regarded as an art which reflects your attitude. Don't think twice about making the stamp permanent as the journey of inking will be not painful the way we have seen around.

2. Thighs: One of the bold looks you may carry along with the summer shorts or the bikini you are going to skin in this summer. The tattoos on thighs are way hot, and you have more space to express and yes it Tattoo Pain way less.

3. Wrist: Every trend lives up to an age and becomes iconic, like these days you might have seen the celebrities and the girls having a tattoo on their wrist with a calligraphic font with a message to share with the world. You can join the league and it will be a cake walk and full of sturdy memories of inking.

4. Upper Back: Weather its Angelina Jolie from the premiere of Tomb Raider or the agent we heard working at FBI, the toughs have been carrying a tattoo on their upper back. Maybe it is psychological or artistic, but it is amazingly adventurous and soft on the painting side.

5. Shin: Inches above the ankle and down from knees can offer you space where a fashion stigma will gel with your tattoo. Crop jeans may be or the layer of stockings will add like a glitter like "no pain but still gained"

6. Neck: When visibility has been a big concern and you want an illustrious scar and flaunt it like a viral, Neck is the spot which would act like a barcode or an identity. The common notion of people thinking that neck being a sensitive part may hurt more but it's the exact opposite.

7. Ribs: The secret chamber and the glorious image of your soul inside you can be inked on the wall of your ribs and this can be achieved in without screaming in pain but would be like someone pinching you relentlessly but not much affecting you.

8. Stomach: Carrying a tattoo on the stomach can be one of the painless terrains one can go for. Being hidden is one of the reasons they got famous and they will not cringe your teeth in pain.

9. Chest: Tattoos on the chest have been a part of the human legacy for a long time and they have been gloriously not just accepted but appreciated. Being Hidden is one of the reasons people opt for it and can be dawned whenever wanted without much of the hooplas and being one of the painless arenas, the votes have always been in the favor.

10. Hip: Hip Tattoos are sexy and intimate and something very personal and yet in demand. It plays with your fantasy and you would be sharing it with very few. A must have what people say and one can have it without thinking much about the pain.

Having a tattoo and going through pain is a very individual act and everyone has a different capability of bearing pain. A good tattoo artist will always recommend you to use a numbing cream and you can have the entire process without pain. One of the most preferred topical numbing cream has been TKTX Numb® Topical Anesthetic Cream, trusted by dermatologists and recommended by major tattoo artists around the world.

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