A Robust Relationship Acts As An Inspiration For Healthy Tattoo

A Robust Relationship Acts As An Inspiration For Healthy Tattoo



There is no doubt in the statement that tattoos are a carrier of emotions. However, the correct statement should be ‘tattoos should be the carrier of permanent emotions.’ When you get a tattoo with some secondary, passing by emotion, you are more likely to regret that tattoo in near future. Tattoos are not just any other thing and adorn your body for an entire lifetime; hence they should be inked on the skin, once you get a perpetual emotion residing in your heart.

The best moment to get a tattoo is considered when you are in a healthy relationship that is getting robust with passing years. Make your family an inspiration to get a tattoo, else most of the time you will stop loving your tattoo after some time.

No doubt the love for tattoos amongst the people is increasing with passing time with 36% of U.S. adults aging 18 – 25 have at least one tattoo. But many of them regret too.

The article shares few experiences of people who got a tattoo on their skin after making sure they are in a healthy and strong relationship, either with family or with boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • A story of Amenda and her love for her daughters that opened the doors for her last but most important tattoo

“I am a waiter and working since last 20 years. I was just 18 when my boyfriend left me for someone else. But he gifted me with twin daughters in my womb. I decided to give them birth and revolve my life around them. But the day he left me, my body became a canvas which got addicted to the ink of a tattoo. In the first year of my breakup, I got 20 tattoos on my body and at present, I have 52 tattoos on my body. Each tattoo is a regret which urged me to get another one and hence in total I got 52 tattoos till now. People started judging me for my tattoos and I had no clue how to face them.

At an age of 38, I got a feeling of fooling myself since long with getting a new tattoo every other month. I made up my mind that I will go for the 53rd tattoo and this tattoo will be my life. As my life is my daughters, I have decided to ink their names on my wrist and finish this journey of the tattoo with a smile on face.

  • A healthy relationship between father and her daughter paved way for a healthy tattoo

William, a father of 16 years old daughter says “Although to some extent, tattoos are considered to be a taboo and stigma in our society, but our family considers a tattoo to be an art, a platform through which one can express his or her thoughts. My wife got her recent tattoo at an age of 40 and this motivated our daughter Amy to get her first tattoo. When she discussed this with me, I was happy about her decision. It was her choice and we helped her to find a unique and beautiful design. We selected a good tattoo artist and booked an appointment with him. We backed her and went with her to the tattoo artist on her 16th birthday where she got her most precious birthday gift: A Tattoo.”

  • Love and commitment gives birth to the inspiration that opens up the gate for a tattoo that one cherish for entire life

Marc who suffered from Trypanophobia (Fear of needles) gets into a relationship with a girl whose love inspired him to get over his fears and get his skin inked with a tattoo of her name.

“One day, Amanda left me with tears of happiness when she surprised me with her first tattoo on her wrist with my name inked on it. But soon my happiness turned into sadness when I figured out that I will never able to get her name inked on my skin.

As was my urge to get a tattoo was increasing, at the same time, my love for Amanda was also increasing. My love for her reached zenith after 4 years of our relationship. I made many discussions with my heart and soon came to the conclusion of getting a tattoo.

I was nervous and anxious at the same time. It was a surprise for Amanda so unfortunately, even she didn’t accompany me. So it was entirely a fight of me with my phobia. My tattoo artist calmed me down and turned on some good music.

As soon as the artist came close to me with a needle, my heart again started to pump faster and I got nostalgic, but I ordered my heart to be in control at this time he has to overcome the fear for love. I took a deep breath of love and at same time tattoo artist inked the first initial of her name.

Honestly, the fear remained in my heart till that moment only and after that, I was confident to get a tattoo. After 3 hours, the process got finished and left me with tears because of double happiness: the happiness of overcoming a fear and happiness of getting my first tattoo.”

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