Are Tattoos Are Indecent? Getting A Tattoo Or Giving Second Thoughts?


Anju Modi, one of the well-known fashion designers in the world known for her unique ethnic fusion with western outfits came up with a model wearing a coat along North Indian Traditional bottom wear dhoti and it looked pretty awesome at the X Boroline FDCI Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer . People appreciated the show and loved what saw, and all that happened because she did what she thought. There always has been a great deal of debate where an individual is at constant war between his heart and mind. If you are one of those who think, "what people will think about you?" then this article may help you in putting your thoughts in some direction at least.

Once Upon a Time with my Daughter

My daughter had this Halloween's costume which was forced to buy one from Amazon because the rental store did not have one and she wanted to become the "Morticia Addams" from the famous cartoon series, "THE ADDAMS FAMILY". Becoming a black witch on Halloween is unique and she loved wearing that dress. Then there is this event at her school, "THE FANCY DRESS COMPETITION" where the kids were supposed to impersonate someone they are not. She asked me to buy a Cinderella dress to which I refused. 

These dresses are way too expensive and you wear them just for few hours and spending dollars over it does not at all make sense. So I started the cold war in my family. When I asked for one reason why she would not wear this dress, was what her classmates would think of her.

Firstly you are not wearing something which you are, and everybody knows that this is a FANCY DRESS COMPETITION. You are supposed to impersonate, and a Halloween dress not complimenting at this even is totally a got up scenario from your brain. It's in us, and we make them think about it as whatever we pose, it reflects the comfort level of being confident or not. The worst part is after a year or so no one even remembers it. I don't know what comes after worst but more worst is if even they remember after many many years, it becomes a nostalgic memory rather than embarrassment.

About Tattoos:

Tattoos are not something which was born overnight, came out of a film and spread throughout the world. They have their existence from last 5000 years. The first mummy in around 3500BC had piercings and tattoos over his body and this suggests that it carries some heavy significance. One might call it an ethnic wear too (could be a statement in justification). One of the studies from yougov has even claimed that 78% of the tattoo bearers do not regret getting the tattoos.

The Painful Procedures:

In many conversations with tattoo aspirants, we always hear the horror stories of pain they think of it and if the pain was not involved in the procedure, they would have got it already. Tattoos being painful are a matter of past. Science has come up with topical anesthetic creams like right now the best in the town is TKTX Numb® Topical Anesthetic Creams gaining popularity in many ways.

Be it FDA approvals or recommendations from dermatologists, these creams does not carry any side effects in majority of the cases and even stops any possible contamination. They have multi-utilities like skin numbing, stop germinations and even is one of the ways to stay hygienic during the process. So lets get out from the gut guilt and from the oceans of questions. Let's make it happen if your heart scorches for one. Bring the icon in you on surface.

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