How Much Numbing Cream You Actually Be Using?

The right amount of numbing cream ensures maximum effect. See here how much cream is suitable for tattooing, waxing, piercing and other procedures.

Numbing cream or topical anesthetic is used to numb the surface of the skin before the processes that are likely to cause pain. It is widely used for tattooing, piercing, waxing and minor surgical incisions. Apart from these skin processes, numbing cream is useful to relive pain and itching caused by sunburn, minor burn, stings, cuts and scratches.

Numbing creams works by blocking the nerve endings to prevent it from sending pain signals to the brain. As a result, you don’t experience pain. Simply put, it dulls the skin patch so that you don’t feel anything happening to your skin. It is generally applied at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before the painful procedures. You will experience the numbness within 15 minutes after the application.

Although numbing cream is just like any topical skincare cream, you should be careful about the amount of the cream to be applied to the skin.

What is the right amount of a numbing cream?

Well, this can’t be straight forward. First of all, you have to go through the essential information about numbing cream so that you can get the idea about the application.

What are the Key Ingredients of a Numbing Cream?

The commonly used topical anesthetics are benzocaine, pramoxine, proparacaine, proxymetacaine, tetracainebutamben, dibucaine, lidocaine, and oxybuprocaine. Lidocaine is the most effective topical anesthetic of them. A 5% of lidocaine is enough to keep your skin numb for 90 minutes.

An efficient numbing cream like TKTX Numb ® contains Lidocaine, a numbing agent, no more than 5%. This percentage of Lidocaine is enough to keep your skin numb for up to 90 minutes.

Here we have explained how much quantity is right for your tattooing , waxing and piercing.

For Tattoos:

  • 10g Tube for an ankle or wrist type tattoo
  • 30g Tube for the tattoo of the size of your palm
  • 2x30 g Tube for larger parts like shoulder, lower leg calf and upper arm
  • 3x30 g Tubes for full upper arm and full lower leg

For Piercing:

  • 10g Tube for ear, lip or belly button
  • 30g Tube for more wide area piercings

For Waxing and Laser:

  • 10g Tube for bikini line and eyebrow pluck
  • 30g Tube for Brazilian waxing of lower legs below knee
  • 2x 30g Tubes for entire leg area

For Botox and Cosmetics:

  • 30g Tube for lips and permanent makeup

Injections and Vaccinations:

  • 10g Tube for 3-5 needle injection site numbing
  • 30g Tube for 7-10 needle injection site numbing

This numbing cream usage chart will help you determine the right amount of numbing cream for all purposes. Don’t you exact quantity of a numbing cream tube? Don’t worry. You can take the cream based on your estimation. Make sure to use the cream according to the instructions given on the pack. Wash the skin with soap and water; and dry it with a towel before applying the cream.

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