How To Handle Tattoo Scabbing With Care?

Though tattoo scabbing  is not a pure sign of infection, yet you need to know how to treat them on time. Find out some useful tips here.

Scabbing tattoos happen, and this is quite normal. But then how come it turns problematic at times?

The biggest reason is that people tend to remove it at the earliest. And it is never safe to pick a scab. In fact, in most of the cases removing scabs before they're ready, results into scarring. For some, it can be due to itching caused due to scab formation, and to others it is due to their ugly presence over the new ink design.

Dealing with that uncontrollable urge to dig at scabs is not easy. But scratching can cause more problems like pain and bleeding. So if you are tempted to scratch, you can control it using a topical anesthetic like Dr.Numb®. Having 5% lidocaine, an active, numbing agent, it works by blocking the nerve endings. It desensitizes your skin for somewhere around three to four hours. Hence, you can control the urge easily.

Besides, the good thing is that scabbing won’t be much problematic. But you have to be a little careful with them. After all, you have invested your time and money in getting a tattoo job done. You cannot wash it down the drain, right?

How to Care for Your Tattoo Scabbing?

After having a tattoo job done, it becomes your responsibility to care for your tattoo. As per the experts, if you take care of it properly, you can easily avoid scabbing. So, here are listed some simple ways to ensure you end up happy with tattoo process:

Avoid Water Contact: It is essential to keep distance from activities like swimming, spas, etc. Being in water for long time can mess up your ink. Even after having showers let your tattoo air dry. This can be followed by gentle massage of an aftercare cream. Avoid using a harsh towel. You can switch to paper tissues to gently pat the tattoo.

No Over-moisturizing: Do you know over application of an aftercare cream can lead to scabbing? Plus, it increases the chances of bacteria growth in the moist scab, leading into infection after some time. You need to leave scabs to dry so that they can eventually crumble off.

Sun Protection Is Must: You need to keep your tattoo out of the sun for better results. For this avoid going outside in sun for at least a week. If it is too necessary, keep it covered and apply a sun block cream.

Keep It Safe: There can be some particles and other debris from your attires or even bed linen, which when rub into your new tattoo can lead to infection. For the first few days you have to be very careful. Besides, these can also lead to scabbing. Therefore, your artist might recommend you to keep your tattoo wrapped while wearing clothes and at night time. You must follow the advice if you wish your tattoo to heal very quickly.

Consult Your Artist: Before you step in for a tattoo design, talk to your artist about what you need to do to maintain it. They have the right experienced and knowledge to help you with the best healing techniques for their style of tattooing. You can ask them to provide you with detailed aftercare procedure in advance.

What all you have been doing to keep your ink safe and beautiful? Leave your suggestions in the comment box below. You might be helpful to someone.

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