5 Things To Understand Before Getting Into Botox

If you are fed up with the appearance of aging signs, and plan to go for Botox treatment, here is something essential. Find out 5 major things about the process.

Do you want to grow old?

The obvious answer to this would be, NO. But that is a natural process. It is hard to escape and you have to deal with it anyhow.

Have you ever noticed how many people manage to look so young even when they are biologically aged? How do they manage to hide those aging signs? You might have come across those expensive chemical based anti-aging products. But it is not always about them. There exists a more effective solution.

Do you know 11 million Americans  have been investing hundreds of dollars per Botox session? Yes, the same where a licensed provider would inject the drug into your facial muscles. It is also defined as a process which temporarily paralyzes your facial movement. Basically done to erase existing wrinkles, it can be used for multiple reasons now.

So why not try Botox? Just before you make any bookings, here is something you need to know about the treatment. Get started:

Understanding Botox: In the process, a liquid is injected inside the skin to reduce the aging signs. Mainly it is done for:

  1. Crunch lines
  2. Squint
  3. Brow furrows
  4. Facial creases
  5. Smile lines
  6. Horizontal forehead wrinkles
  7. Nasal frown lines

A highly diluted version of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum toxin is used for this treatment. You cannot give it a try at home. It has to be administered by an experienced professional. When injected into the face, in small and appropriate doses, it treats those moderate to severe aging signs. So it works by relaxing the underlying muscles.

Not for everyone: Whether men or women, if you are a person with good health, you can try it. It is advised to pregnant women or nursing mothers to keep distance from such treatment. etc. Similarly those who are affected by any of the below stated problem must avoid it:

  1. Lambert-Eaton syndrome
  2. ALS (Lou Gehrig's)
  3. Myasthenia gravis
  4. Motor neuropathy
  5. Allergy to human albumin.

Painful but safe:¬†The only catch is that Botox is injected using a needle and it will be painful. Though it can be bearable for many, yet for some it can be an issue. For such cases, you can switch to a numbing solution. You must try a topical anesthetic cream before Botox session to make it painless. Creams like TKTX Numb¬ģ¬†which carries 5% of lidocaine are safe to use, and make the process pain-free.

Longer lasting effects: It produces temporarily effects by paralyzing the facial muscles. Manufactured using botulism toxin, a drug which produces deadly disease, it restricts the muscles to contract. As it blocks nerve impulses, it will prevent formation of new wrinkles. Remember, it has to be injected in small doses. Usually, it would take up to two to four days for the results to appear. If you are going for it first time, partial responses might appear. However, complete results will be visible after the second or third session.

Popular and recommended: You must be wondering why to choose this method to slow down the aging process? The reason behind ever increasing popularity is that it produces amazing results. Moreover, it does not involve any major side effects. Being a minimally invasive procedure, it is not as traumatic as those plastic surgeries. And rest assure, it works only on facial muscles. The toxin will not move to any other part of your body.

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