How Much Numbing Cream You Actually Be Using?

Are you going to be a bride very soon?

Congratulations!! You have found the man of your dreams. And with wedding day approaching faster, you might be busy with lots of preparations. While you are planning for different things, you cannot afford to miss on your waxing schedule.

Just like every bride-to-be, you want to appear fresh, fuzz-free, and have a glowing complexion on your big day. Right? Plus, you must be yearning to go smooth and radiant down there too. Yes, you got it right! It is about our bikini wax session which is really important before the wedding day.

Whether it is your first time or you have earlier tried it once or more, here are some of the best bikini wax tips you must keep in mind. Have a look:

Scrubbing Is The Key

Those pesky ingrown hair can be really annoying. But these are bound to appear on the surface after a few days of your waxing session. You cannot avoid them completely. However, you can do something to delay the re-growth. How? The most efficient way to deal with this is by scrubbing the area on regular basis. Make sure you use a gentle and granular scrub for this purpose.

Find Your Wax Type

It can difficult initially. But after a few wax sessions, it will be easy to identify which kind of wax suits you most. You will have many options, including peel off, chocolate, normal, etc. Once you know which suits your skin type in the best possible way, confirm in advance with your parlor for whether they have that wax type in stock or not. It is crucial if you don’t want to deal with an unpleasant condition down there on your wedding day.

Choose a Right Salon

Don’t go for a salon which you haven’t to a tried and tested earlier. For your bikini wax, trying a new place just before the wedding is a bad idea. As you are not aware how they go about it, the hygiene levels, and the waxes types they use, you will never be sure for results. Be mindful of where you book an appointment and the professional you’re comfortable with.

Time matters

Experts suggest that you shouldn’t get waxed during your periods. Reason being, you are most sensitive to pain in those days, and just before your period. So make it a point to go 2-3 days after you are done with your period. Or you can make it 4-5 days prior to your starting day. This is really important to ensure that the session isn’t too painful.

Before going ahead with bikini wax, make sure and be clear that you are going to witness some amount of pain during the entire process. Hairs are pulled out forcefully and hence can end up in terrible pain. But we have a got a solution for painless waxing process. Switch to TKTX Numb® and it will make the entire bikini wax process painless. It is a topical anesthetic cream which consists of 5% lidocaine. While it alleviates the pain during any kind of cosmetic treatment done, it is safe on skin too.

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