How Numbing Cream Ensures Painless Cosmetic Procedures?

Pain is a trademark of some cosmetic processes  like laser hair removal, microblading, and Botox. Learn here how numbing cream takes the pain out of these processes.

Some cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, microblading, Botox and permanent makeup cause pain and discomfort. Most of these treatments involve intense procedure over the skin and invasive methods. Whereas laser hair removal is done by using intense laser beams, permanent makeup expert penetrates your skin with tiny needles to embed the ink. Then, Botox is injected into the skin. Therefore, you experience pain while going through such cosmetic processes.

Luckily, there is a numbing cream to manage the pain occurring in these processes. It is a topical anesthetic that desensitizes your skin by dulling your pain receptors temporarily. After that, you don’t feel anything done to your skin.

Let’s see how numbing cream is useful in cosmetic processes given below.


Botox is an effective treatment for ageing signs like wrinkles, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. In this treatment, Botox filled injections are given to the skin to control the weakness of the muscles. As a result, the muscles remain no longer stiff or contracted. But the process is painful due to its invasive nature.

“I had a really bad experience getting Botox. It hurt a little bit, but the worst part was the blood. Apparently, my blood vessels are really close to the surface of my skin so I bled a lot for each injection. I could feel it running down my head and the doctor kept saying things like "wow, I've never seen anyone bleed so much", which was really freaking an already anxious me out. But I think that's not likely to happen and if it does, you will survive. :) I hope if you decide to get Botox that any discomfort getting it is made up for by migraine relief!”

Luckily, numbing cream eliminates the pain from Botox process.


Dermarolling is a popular skin process to improve the skin appearance. Being done with a handheld roller studded with the needles, it creates tiny punctures over the skin to boost the collagen production as skin heals. However, you end up with bleeding and pain with larger needles. But numbing cream is here to deal with that concern. Just apply the cream one hour before the process.

“I got my roller today! Used it on scars on my ankle around my ankle bone, and yeah that hurts but I think its like tattoos, the closer to the bone the more it hurts. I tried it on my thighs and hips and it just kinda stung. Not bad, and lotion feels good on it afterward. If it works as well as people say it does, it will be worth it.”

Permanent Makeup:

Permanent makeup borrows the tattooing technique to implant pigmentation in the skin, hence named as cosmetic tattooing. The practitioner embeds ink into the skin to draw facial features like lip line and eyebrows. As it is done with needles, the process is painful and may lead to soreness and swelling. To tame the pain, you can use numbing cream to desensitize your skin.


In microblading, a professional uses a handheld pen to create the strokes that resemble eyebrows. So, it is beneficial for those who have little to no eyebrows due to ageing or medical condition. The eyebrow strokes last up to 3 years. However, it can’t be denied that microblading does hurt. You will feel as if your skin is being scratched.

So you need a numbing cream to go easy with the process.

Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is an effective hair removal. In this process, intense laser beams are directed towards the hair follicles. These follicles are then broken down by these beams, delaying the growth of the hair on the treated area.

“For me it felt like hot needles penetrating my face but instead of needles ik its hair follicles exploding. It hurts a lot for me as I don't have a high pain tolerance at all. I would say probably about the worst pain I've ever felt... and that's all over my face... It's ok to cry the tech will understand.”

On the flip side, laser hair removal is quite painful due to the intense laser beams. Therefore, you are recommended to use a numbing cream to ensure comfort.

(NOTE: Use the cream carefully over eyebrow as it can drop into your eyes. It is better if you get it done from others.)

Bottom Line:

So you must have understood how numbing cream eliminates pain and discomfort from the abovementioned processes. Make sure to read the guidelines given on the pack before using the cream. Generally, numbing cream can be used following these steps:

  • Wash the skin with soap and water. Pat it dry
  • Apply a liberal amount of topical numb ointment
  • Cover it with plastic wrap (don’t use cotton dressing)
  • Wipe it off after 45 minutes.

You will experience numbness within 30 minutes of application.

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