How TKTX Numb Makes Tattooing Painless For People

TKTX Numb ® is a trusted numbing cream for tattooing. It contains 5% lidocaine and keeps your skin dull for a couple of hour. Here we have published the feedback about TKTX Numb®.

TKTX Numb® is a numbing cream for tattoos

“I am a tattoo artist who read about TKTX Numb ® online and went to a local store here in London to see if they carried this product and luckily they did!. I love my job and I’m all about customer care. With the TKTX Numb® cream application more than 50% of my clients choose to use this product to avoid as much pain as possible. According to my clients the tattooing experience is pleasant with minimal feel around the area where the numbing cream was applied. The product is definitely not cheap but it’s worth the price to pay to avoid pain.”

Mike Nervan

My Experience With Tattoos And TKTX Numb® Cream

“About a week ago I tried for the very first time the TKTX Numb ® cream on my latest tattoo which spreads across my ribs and onto my abdominal area. My tattoo artist followed the directions from the label on the tube and before the first hour was through the tattooing process began. At first I was skeptical but to my surprise I was feeling absolutely nothing at all. Some spots even tingled as the needle poked through the tissue.

My tattooist continued to apply the TKTX Numb ® cream several times throughout the 3 hour tattoo session. Even though the directions tell you not to apply to broken skin, I have not noticed any difference in healing or color fading compared to all the tattoos I have received with TKTX Numb®.”


If It Weren’t for TKTX Numb® I Would’ve Never Had My Tattoo Finished

“I love TKTX Numb ®! I was getting a tattoo in March and the pain was excruciating! I said I wish there was a way to numb the area, and my tattoo artist told me about the product. I finished the session and bought a tube of this stuff. Trust me, if it weren’t for TKTX Numb® I would’ve never had my tattoo finished! I love it, and will be using it every time I get tattooed from now on!”


An Excellent Tattoo Numbing Cream

“The formula is an excellent tattoo numbing cream, as it may be used both before and after the procedure. Tattooing can prove quite painful, particularly in large areas and extended applications. Rubbing the product into the area to be tattooed after skin has been cleaned and shaved. The numbing cream can ease the pain of the healing tattoo without disturbing the ink or preventing the tattoo from healing properly—a task that many similar creams are unable to accomplish.”

Linda Olsen

These reviews have proved why TKTX Numb ® is a top numbing brand for tattoos. Have numbing cream helped you eliminate pain from your tattooing? Share with us by commenting below…

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