Now Girlies Can Get Pain-Free Tattooing: 6 Least Painful Places To Get Inked

Though everyone yearns for attention, yet the female population seems to be super crazy for compliments. This might be the reason why more of them are interested in getting tattooed. According to Statista 23 percent of female stated to have one or more tattoos, whereas the number is low to 17 percent in case of male.

So chances are that you are looking forward to tattooing, right? But are afraid of the pain factor?

Certainly, the thought of a needle digging into your skin can keep you away from this body modification. However, this doesn’t have to be darn painful. There are actually some tattoo locations with very minimal pain.

Want to know them? Read on:

1. Ear Cartilage: You might have heard of cartilage piercing so far. But this might be something new. It is an emerging trend which has managed to find a place on this list. While the ink is tattooed directly onto the ear cartilage, it will be much less painful than those traditional areas. Additionally, the tattoos in this area have to be very small and simple. So, there is no chance of bearing excessive pain.

2. Calves: Another great location to get tattooed when you are highly nervous about the pain is at your claves. As there are just few nerve endings, this area serves to be a lot of cushion-type place as compared to other areas with bones. When you think for a foot tattoo, you can consider moving it to the calf for some less painful ink.

3. Upper Back: It is certainly an excellent area to express your love for tattoos. Reason being, you get a huge space to ink. There are females who opted for huge tattoos across the entire length of their upper back. You can also look for a smaller tattoo design placed on one side of the back.

4. Finger Nails: You must have adorned your nails with temporary nail colors. Did you know that you can now ink them permanently? With fingernail tattoos you can satisfy your hunger for entirely painless ink design, meanwhile adding charm to your personality.

5. Upper Thighs: The recent rise in popularity of thigh tattoos among women is simply due to the reason that you can flaunt them as much as you want. Whether you are on beach or you are wearing that favorite mini skirt, carry them gracefully. Plus, there is plenty of space to paint your canvas. And of course, the pain is definitely tolerable.

6. Stomach tattoo: Leave those old belly button rings and try something new for your stomach area. These tattoos are just awesome. You can get a cool and fantastic design inked on your belly. And as these are hidden out of sight for most of the time, it can be perfect for working women.

These were different places where you can get a tattoo without bearing much pain. Regardless, if you still fear too much for the discomfort associated with this type of body modification, you can switch to a topical anesthetic cream like TKTX Numb®.

Basically, this product contains numbing lidocaine which comes in an over-the-counter strength, around 5%. Hence, when you apply it to the area, wherever you want to get tattooed, 45 minutes before, you will not experience any pain. Reason being, the surface of your skin will be numbed for three to four hours. So you have a full-proof solution, isn’t it?

Go tattooing!

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