Now Give Your Brows A Lift With Botox

Botox injections work magically on aging signs. For those who need a brow lift can try this procedure for more efficient results. Find out details.

Have you recently observed those faint lines on your forehead? Want those furrow lines to go away at the earliest?

When you search for solutions for maintaining a younger-looking appearance, Botox are always there to be in the list. Around 11 million Americans spend over hundreds of dollars per session and get a drug injected into their facial muscles. So this process is widely used for temporarily paralyzing facial movement and eliminating wrinkles.

But can it work for your eyebrow and eye area? Simply putting, can it give you a brow lift?

Luckily, the answer is YES. Being a performer as a surgical procedure, this process can be used to create a balanced look. Basically, there are two major goals:

  • To lift up your droopy brows.
  • To smooth out wrinkles across the forehead.

Now to understand how you can use Botox injections for this problem, read ahead.

How a Botox session leads to brow lift?

As Botox injections keep the nerves from sending signals to the treated muscles, it will help lift the brows ideally. In many cases, the dermatologist might inject Botox into the muscles responsible for creating frown lines. The good thing about the process is that it offers result in a faster manner. You can get a brow lift very quickly. Usually, a surgeon injects the substance into the muscles which are causing your eyebrows to appear droopy or hooded.

Treatment will take somewhere around 15 minutes. During the treatment, you will experience a minimal discomfort. Reason being, it involves the usage of needles which are small but can cause pain. However, the pain is short-lived.

Will brow lift process using Botox painful?

As stated above it will lead to the slight pain you must keep a topical anaesthetic handy. You can trust a numbing cream like TKTX Numb® for this reason. It is a lidocaine based product which can desensitize your skin. Thus, it makes the process painless for you. It can be bought from a nearby store or you can place your orders online.

What are the benefits?

When you undergo Botox session to lift the brows, you will enjoy numerous benefits over surgery. The major advantage is that it doesn’t require any downtime. You just need to keep your head upright for few minutes and after the injection, you can resume right back to work. So you don’t need to reschedule your activities. Plus, it is more comfortable when compared to surgery.

Secondly, you always have the option to blend a Botox brow lift with another procedure. For instance, if you want to get fillers in other areas of your face, say to get rid of wrinkles or lines, it is possible to receive Botox collectively.


If it is about the appearance of the visible results, it can take a few days, or up to a week, for them to turn up. Yes, you have to be a little patient for results of the injections to become visible. And once your results appear, these can last somewhere around three to four months.

Actually, it works by disrupting the nerve signals. So the results are temporary, caused due to muscle weakening and the inability to cause a contraction in a specific area.

Why go for any surgical treatment option? You can trust Botox injections to help smooth out brow area. Just make sure you book your appointment with an experienced professional. Avoid performing at home!

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