Numbing Cream For Itch: How The Cream Dulls The Burning Sensation?

Itch is an uncomfortable and uncontrollable situation that causes an urge to scratch. Feeling itch is totally normal and we all have experienced it.

Also known as pruritus, itch occurs from the irritation of skin cells or nerve cells associated with the skin. Although itch is an irritating experience, it is the body’s self-defensive mechanism for inflammation, dryness or other damage to the skin and membranes.

Itch is the key symptoms of several medical conditions like allergy, dryness, insect bites, head lice, scabies, sunburn, pimples, diabetes, and thyroid.

In some medical conditions like scabies, eczema, and psoriasis, the itch is relentless and severe. For example, itch in scabies gets worse at night and disturbs the routine life of the patients. Likewise, eczema itch is severe.

Luckily, there are many medications, from OTC to prescribed, to get rid of the itch. However, sometimes you need a quick relief for emergency situations like

  • You are feeling trouble in sleep due to uncontrollable itch.
  • You need to attend a social event.
  • Medicines are not working.

Can Numbing Cream Help Get Instant Relief from Itch?

Numbing cream is not a primary or traditional medicine for itch. However, it is an effective remedy to dull your burning itch. Numbing cream is a topical anesthetic which dulls the skin patch for a couple of hours. As your skin dull, you don’t feel anything happening to your skin, including itch. This is why numbing cream comes handy to ease your itch.

However, the numbing cream should be used for controlling itch when the medicine fails to do so. It shouldn’t be looked as a complete treatment for the disease. Make sure to see your doctor as the increasing itch may be a major health warning.

How to Use a Numbing Cream for Itchy Skin?

  • Wash and dry the affected area as mentioned on the cream
  • Apply a thin layer of a numbing cream (or as directed by physician)
  • If you are using an anesthetic spray, shake it well. Spray it from an ideal distance of 3-5 inches. For an itching on the face, spray the medication onto your hand and then apply to the face. Avoid spraying near your eyes, mouth or nose.
  • Keep the affected area open. Don’t cover it with bandages or dressing as it may cause side effects.
  • Wash your hands immediately with warm water and antibacterial soap.
  • If numbing cream gets into your eyes, mouth or nose accidentally, rinse the area immediately with clean water.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using Numbing Cream for Itch

You should be careful while using numbing cream for itch. Numbing cream penetrates the skin deeply to interact with the nerve endings.

Here are the precautions to follow while using numbing cream for scabies itch.

  • Avoid using numbing cream if you are allergic to lidocaine or other numbing ingredients. Also consult your doctor if you are allergic to certain foods, dyes, preservatives and animals.
  • Consult your doctor if you have medical conditions related with liver, kidney and heart.
  • Talk to your doctor if using numbing cream can interact with your prescribed drugs for your specific disease.
  • Avoid using numbing cream on broken skin like wound and lesion.
  • Visit your physician if itch doesn’t go away.
  • See your physician if itching persists for long.

TKTX Numb® is an effective numbing cream and numbs the skin safely. It is recommended by dermatologist for a range of skin processes. And it can soothe your itch too!

My Health Condition Does not allow me to Use a Numbing Cream. What to Do?

As we have told you earlier that you should avoid numbing cream if your physician doesn’t find it suitable for your health condition. In this scenario, you can use some remedies and therapies like…

Cold Water Shower or Cold Compress:

Cold water bath will ease your skin and keep it moisturized. Or you can apply cold compress (using a damp cloth) to your affected skin. It ensures a quick relief from itching.


Antihistamines prevent the body’s histamine response to allergens, providing you a quick relief.

Stay in Cool Environment:

Staying in hot and muggy environment will only aggravate your itch. Therefore, switch to cool place or turn your AC. Remove layers if needed.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera gel is said to soothe irritating skin signs like itch. Just peel off the layer of a fresh aloe leaf and apply it over the affected skin area.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil eases itch and keeps skin moisturized. Just apply a little amount of the oil on the itchy part and massage gently with fingertips, especially after taking the bath.

Wear Loose Fitting, Cotton Garments:

Wool or rough feeling fabrics can irritate your skin, leading to intense itching. Therefore, wear loose fitting, cotton garments.

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