What To Expect After Waxing

Whether you’re a newbie to this or a virgin to the practice, there are good chances that you’re not known to some facts what waxing actually do to your body. Well, here are listed some points need to learn.

Waxing is no walk in the park. It is troublesome and it is painful. Especially, if you are living with a low pain threshold, it can be a challenge for you in long-term. While there are different pros and cons of waxing, there are some unknown facts which you must be aware of. Find out them here.

The Hair Bulb Damage:

When you are pulling at the hair from the root, repeating it time after time, you are sincerely damaging the hair bulb. Due to this, the hair grows back less dense and with a finer texture. Undoubtedly, it is a good thing for those who wish to have thinner body hair. However, when you decide to give up waxing, you need to be prepared for the re-grown hairs which are much finer than they once were. And this is certainly a big problem, what say?

Risk of Infection:

The risk of infection is generally associated with bikini wax. It is in the Brazilian waxing fashion, which includes removal of hair from the gluteal cleft area. This increases the risk of STIs. In simple words, pulling the hairs increases the risk of tiny skin tears for bacteria. Moreover, it can cause surface infections and even deeper cellulitis.

Irritated and Red Skin:

Have you ever observed that after waxing skin end up looking a little blotchy? Well, this is one of the common after-effects of waxing. Your skin often turns red and irritated. For this, you can wear loose clothing at the day of your appointment and steer clear of applying too much friction.

Experts advise to reduce the irritation:

  • Avoid hot baths for 24 hours
  • Stay out of the sun at least for the day
  • Neosporin can be applied to red areas.
  • No to scratching

Expected Small Wounds:

As waxing includes ripping of hairs out by their roots, the process is known to be quite painful. The reason is simple it hurts. The hairs being a part of body are attached very firmly to their roots, and pulling them out means tearing them. Coming out from roots they leave behind pain and a tiny wound just under the surface. In case, you skin is highly sensitive, these wounds can grow bit bigger.

However, this is very rare. For the pain, you have TKTX Numb®It is a topical anesthetic cream which comes with simple application and causes a numbing sensation to make the process pain-free. It is natural and safe; buy it before you wax.

Burning Is Possible:

Yes, burns can occur during a wax. Though getting it done from a qualified professional can reduce the possible occurrence of getting burned, yet for some typical types including waxing for bikini line, eyebrow, lip, and chin hair ratio is really high.

Last note; take advice from the professionals and save yourself from bad waxing experience.

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