10 Awesome Piercing You Can Get Pierced Easily. Get It Without Pain.

Piercings have been into practice since the very beginning of culture. A piece of jewelry which defines your tradition and class has been the reason then. Today it's a cutting-edge attitude which you carry along the pinch of style. One may think that having a permanent piece of jewelry on your body may be of no use but it's just not about the jewelry, it becomes your identity hence getting a piercing means a modulation into the body which itself is an identity to the world. Here we have listed few of the piercings you may think of:

10 Awesome Piercing You Can Get Pierced Easily. Get It Without Pain :

Standard Lobe Piercing: The most common type of piercing you will find around. It is the glam quotient in which the majority of the female population practices and usually they get their piercing done at a very young age. Apart from the fashion point of view, many countries even practice it as a part of their culture where the girl's earlobes are pierced as a part of their tradition.

Upper Lobe Piercing: In the least painful piercings, this type of piercing ranks in the top five. One of the simple piercings where the doctor or the piercing artist would puncture the earlobe just above the standard lobe.

Ear Weaving Piercing: One of the most famous piercings and stands out from the crowd for ages. A spiral form of jewelry which goes through subsequent piercings made on the top curve of your ears giving you a charismatic look.

Graduate Lobe Piercing: The diva is the only word comes out from the spectators and the lovers around you. From the upper lobe piercing continues piercings are made at regular intervals (usually 3-5 piercings) letting you put gems or twinkles on them.

Daith Piercing: A death piercing is located in the innermost fold of the ear. Apart from the fashion point of view, it also has medical healing benefits. It is believed that this piercing can help an individual to ease anxiety-related migraines and other symptoms.

Anti Tragus Piercing : One of the most famous piercings for being so uncommon and building up a style statement. The anti-tragus much like the tragus. Put of your fingertip on the tragus, you will see a notch where the cord to an earbud would be there. On the other side of that, you will find the anti-tragus.

Orbital Piercing : You might have noticed, your ear is like a conch shell shaped, specifically when it comes to the rounds of cartilage in the middle. There is the site which gets the jewelry when you have a conch piercing.

Snug Piercing: The piercing which goes through the anti-helix of the ear from the medial to lateral surfaces.

Rook Piercing: When the antihelixes are perforated for the purpose of wearing a jewel is known as piercing. It lies above the tragus in the ridge between the inner and outer conch.

Tragus Piercing: Look at your ears, right above the earlobe you will find a harder section of the ear, just on the edge of the face. It is tragus and is made up of a cartilage.

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