5 Easy Ways To Hide Tattoos At Office

Tattoo is not acceptable at most of the workplaces across the world. If you have a tattoo on visible places, you can hide it with these clever tricks.


For the tattoo lovers, tattoos may be the freedom of expression, unleashing aesthetic sense and style. Sadly, most of the workplaces or employers don’t think so. They may find tattoos or body art indecent or the sign of un-professionalism, thereby making it the violation of the workplace ethics. But that doesn’t mean you must consider your tattoos!  Not at all! Instead, you can use these clever tricks to hide your tattoos at office or during job interview.


Several office dresses are useful to veil the tattoos on your body. For example, you can roll down your sleeves to hide the tattoos on arm or on the wrist. If it’s on the neck you can use the high collared shirt. Be careful while sitting if the tattoo is placed on your lower back or avoid the short length shirts. You can buy cover-up sleeves to camouflage the tattoos on your hands and legs as they closely match your skin tone.

Make Up:

Make up is very useful to hide those scars and acne. Similarly, it can be helpful to hide your tattoos. However, it may take some time hide the tattoo. Before doing anything, make sure your tattoo is not new or fresh as applying foundation on that may affect the healing process. It should be at least 45 days older otherwise you just spoil your ink or develop infection. Here are the tips to conceal your tattoo with makeup….

  • Clean the tattooed skin with wipe or face wash to make it prepare for the makeup.
  • Apply a light concealer which must be lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • Apply the foundation matching your skin tone perfectly.
  • Use powder brush to apply the layer of translucent powder.
  • Apply some hairspray over it to keep it set which prevent the makeup from rubbing off onto apparel or things. Let it be dry.

Keep Open Your Long Hair:

A woman can keep open her long hair to cover up the tattoo on the back of her neck. Make sure you have a formal hairdo which looks decent according to your workplace culture.

Use Jewelry:

You can use certain pieces of jewelry to hide the tattoo designs on your fingers, wrist and neck. For example, you can wear armlets to cover up the tattoos on your wrists. Similarly, you can wear tight watch or cuffs for the same purpose. If the tattoos are on your fingers, you can wear big ring enough to cover up the tattoo size.

Tattoo Cover Up Products:

You can also try various tattoo cover up products covering up the tattoos with skin tone resembling colors. Before purchasing, make sure the product is approved by dermatologist and suits your skin tone. Plus, it must be compatible for your skin type and doesn’t cause irritation or rashes. Tattoo cover up products may be costly, but they are effective way to cover up your tattoos at workplace or during interview.

With these tattoo hiding tips, you can conceal your tattoos at workplace while can maintain your “freedom of expression” in artistic form at the same time

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