6 Signs Indicating That Your Tattoo Healing Isn’t Going Right Way

Nobody likes bad tattoos. For this, it is just to ensure that your tattoo gets healed in the most appropriate conditions. Explore.

Your Tattoo Healing Isn’t Going Right Way :

So you have spent a good amount of time and hard earned money to get a tattoo. Not to forget, you got poked with needles just for your love of ink and tattoos. But what if your designs don’t turn up the way you want?

Yes, that it is possible due if you are not paying attention to your tattoo during healing stage. Do you know around 10 % of the people who got tattooed experienced an adverse reaction after getting a tattoo? Of course, you don’t want to be in the same list.

For this, you must pay attention to the list of warning signs stated below. These simply indicated that your ink needs more attention. Have a look:

Heated skin surface: You can consider fresh tattoos as an injury to your skin. And when your body is damaged, the affected area tends to become hot. It might be difficult to diagnose because at first, the heat will be normal. Also tattooing damage the cells of the dermis and epidermis which makes your body produce some heat when trying to repair the same. But if the heat is dissipating regularly after the first few days, it’s not normal. Chances are that you have suspected to an infection rather than a healing process.

Hives and bumps: Any kind of bumps or any kind of swelling outside of the actual tattoo is dangerous. This is extremely unusual and occurs when your tattoo turns out to be allergic. As inks consist of metals and other contaminants, these can be risky.

Intense itching: To your fresh damage caused by tattooing, there are chances of sever itch. This can increase manifold at bedtime. But this can be controlled. You can consider the application of TKTX Numb® for this purpose. It comes with 5% lidocaine and is FDA compliant. When you feel like that it is hard to resist that urge to scratch, you can apply a layer of this numbing cream. It desensitizes your skin. So no pain, no itching, and no scratching!

Discharge and odor: In the first 24-48 hours your tattoo can ooze a little. Basically, it is a combination of blood, clear or yellowish plasma, and ink. Now, this could be barely coloured or in same color as of your tattoo. This is normal unless the discharge becomes cloudy, thick, yellow or even green. Plus, if it is accompanied with bad smell, get it checked out.

Change in color: In the beginning, the skin appears to be red, irritated and injured. This can last a couple of days and the redness can extend outside of the outline a little. But if the color of your skin tends to become deeper red, purple, or even bluish, there can be some problem. If the veins are visibly streaking out from the tattoo, the infection has takes its place.

Falling Out: Basically, there can be two reasons your tattoo falling out. It can be either your body which rejects the ink or it was not put properly in the first place. The latter has more chances. So falling out need not necessarily means that there’s anything medically wrong. It also indicates that it is not going to look great once the healing process is over.

Along this, you need to understand that as long as you are getting tattooed in a clean and sterile environment, you don’t have anything to worry about. However, healing has to be quick and the pain should fade. Keep a check on the above-stated signs and your tattoo will be there in perfect condition.

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