What Causes Pores? How Can Dermarolling Be Helpful?

A lot of people have been anxious about pore appearance on their face. Though these play an important role, yet the fact is that when they tend to expand, they look really bad.

What are open pores?

Basically, pores are home to hair follicles. When you look too close to your skin, you will be able to see the hair follicle pores with your naked eye. These are always open, which make it a place for the oil to settle. These do no harm to your health but the problem arises when they start expanding.

Yes, those enlarged or clogged pores are really frightful. And those who have experienced acne or pimples probably feel more conscious. Now the problem arises due to the accumulation of oil, genetic issues, growing age number, etc. Besides, there are some myths which you need to know about this skin issue.

What are the misconceptions about open pores? Steam will open!

Coming to the next, some people believe that pores on the skin can be opened using steam. But the fact is that steaming only helps in loosening the debris trapped inside the pores. Hence, it will make cleaning easier but not opens up the pores.

Closing the pores is possible!

One of the leading misconceptions about open pores is that it is possible to shrink or close them. However, the fact is that closing them completely is not possible. In fact, they are essential to be opened to let your skin areas breathe, where sebum and other materials are present. 

This is important to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Here the only thing that you could do is to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. This can be done by cleansing the debris, including daily dirt and makeup, which gets trapped inside of the open pore.

Product choice doesn’t matter!

You should always prefer professional products for proper cleansing to reduce any problem like itching and skin irritation. If you are working with a harsher product on your skin, you might have to face adverse effect later on.

So pore formation is a natural process which everyone goes through. It is simply impossible for your skin to function without pores. But you need to prevent them from enlargement. How?

How to prevent large pores?

When you aim to curb down those pores, you should look for a process which works in a more active and natural manner. For instance, you can trust dermarolling. This process has been used for various reasons. It is one of the best ways to boost collagen production in the skin.

Use of a dermaroller on your skin helps rejuvenate the upper layers of your skin. Plus, it also triggers the production of new skin cells, which lead to formation of fresh layers of tissue.

There is one thing you need to understand regarding this process. As it involves usage of sharp microneedles, you have to suffer a little bit. Yes, the process is going to be painful. But for this you can use a numbing cream beforehand. Application of TKTX Numb ®, a topical anesthetic solution, which comes with 5% lidocaine will cause a numbing sensation by blocking the pain signals. This lidocaine based cream has been used for years.

And now you can buy it online. Yes, you hardly need a doctor’s prescription for it. It is a FDA compliant product. Hence, safe to use and highly effective!

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