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TKTX Tub 1.41oz/pcs

TKTX Tub 1.41oz/pcs

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ūüôčTATTOOS & PIERCINGS -¬†TKTX Tub completely acts the often unbearable¬†discomfort¬†of getting a tattoo! With Lido 5% it contains the highest allowed amount . On top of that it has many supporting agents like Menthol, Aloe Vera and Chamomile which take away even more¬†discomforts and help your skin recover from the procedure you‚Äôre undergoing.¬†
ūüíĀūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ¬†WAXING & MICRONEEDLING - Comfortable beauty exists. And finally it‚Äôs true! TKTX Tub¬†takes away the discomfort¬†from waxing and microneedling. With many natural ingredients which excel the benefits of Lido and care for your skin simultaneously. So whether you use a brazilian waxing kit for women, microblading kit, home waxing kit for women, microblading eyebrow kit or jelly waxing kit, it will be a much more bearable procedure than without our cream!
ūüŹé FAST ACTING ¬†- This exceptional cream only takes¬†20 to 30 minutes to¬†act on¬†your skin! It should be part of every tattoo kit out there! No need to plan ahead. Just apply the cream shortly before you‚Äôre ready for whatever treatment you‚Äôre getting!¬†
‚Ź≥ LONG LASTING -¬†TKTX Tub¬†works for up to 5 hours! It‚Äôs the ideal cream for tattoo &¬† laser treatments as you can use it for short and long sessions likewise.¬†¬†
ūüíł Original¬†& 100% Guaranteed¬†-¬†Trust this skin cream for lasting relief & all-American value. Unhappy for any reason? We'll gladly refund your full purchase price, no questions asked, no time limit.

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