What is the strongest TKTX Numbing Cream?

What is the strongest TKTX Numbing Cream?

For the vast majority of people who intend to get a tattoo or any other aesthetic procedure, the fear of pain during the procedure is one of the main factors that can often make the decision difficult. We have an easy solution at your fingertips.

TKTX anesthetic cream is the end of this problem and what you need to end once and for all with that feeling that prevents the realization of your dream.

TKTX numbing cream is an unmatched numbing cream that works deep into your skin and manipulates the nerve ending and blood vessels so you don’t feel any sensation on your skin. People need numbing creams for different types of procedures and different lengths of time and if you need a powerful numbing cream that will take the pain away quickly and numb deeply, TKTX have a range of high strength prescription free options. But what is the strongest TKTX numbing cream available?

All of the TKTX numbing creams have the same percentage of numbing agents but all the different colour mixtures are different so the actual cream composition varies and it is important to choose the right absorption characteristics for your needs. You don’t need to worry about the numbing cream affecting your tattoo artist’s work, tattoo ink or healing process though as unlike other numbing creams, every TKTX cream is water based so won’t create an oily surface on your skin.

The strongest fast numbing cream that TKTX offers is the TKTX Rapid & Long Lasting 0.35oz/pcs . It is enhanced with Liposomal Technology and contains 5% lidocaine ,beginning numbing 3-5 minutes and lasting over 5 hours. TKTX Rapid & Long Lasting 0.35oz/pcs  performs effect of numbing at the maximum level, making it the most effective option available on the market. It contains natural pH formulation which means it can be used on the most sensitive of skin and it contains no vasoconstrictors so it won’t impede the ink settling process during  any aesthetic, tattooing , microblading, hair removal, injection or semi permanent make-up treatment.

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